New trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence proves that aliens love landmarks


The aliens just love our landmarks. The first Independence Day showed that, and it looks like the second will confirm it. The latest trailer is full of explosions, and a bit of explanation as to what’s been going on. There’s also a lot Goldblum!


The sequel to the original blockbuster is invading theaters this summer, and the second trailer shows that everything is bigger this time around.

Will Smith is out this time, and we do see a bottle of what happened to his character. What else can we expect from the film? We’ll have to wait until June to find out for sure.

Meanwhile, you can join the fight with David Levinson, the director of Earth security in ways to protect the earth this Earth Day.

Fans can download the original film for .99 cents by clicking here, and join in on a worldwide watch party by following the hash tag #IndependenceDayLive beginning at 4p.m. PST.

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