Take a ride on InvadR coming to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2017!


Busch Gardens Williamsburg is rolling out their very first wooden roller coaster. The name was chosen by fans, and the coaster will have several other elements that fans will vote on, but today the park has released a first look at the new coaster, which allows you to take a spin on InvadR.

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The new wooden coaster will reach a top speed of 48 mph, and will have a top drop of 74 mph. While that’s not really the top thrill ride in the park, the coaster will be something for all families (not just thrill seekers). Busch Gardens Williamsburg has released an animated look at InvadR.


What do you think of the coaster? Keep in mind, this is just a rough animation, and will not be able to show the actual forested areas that the coaster has to go through. We think that with all the airtime hills, the wooded terrain, and the tight turns, this is going to be a favorite ride for many.

The coaster will invade parks in 2017, so there’s going to be tons of updates yet to come.

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