The last Back to the Future ride closing at Universal Studios Japan


It was the beginning of an era for Universal Parks, in fact it was the ride that put them on the map. Now, Universal Studios Japan has confirmed that they are closing the final piece of the Back to the Future mythology. The ride will be closed forever on May 31st. If you ever wanted to see the ride that took you through time and put you face to face with dinosaurs, you’ll have to travel to Japan to do it.

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Universal Japan will close the ride on May 31st, of this year, to make room for a “building refurbishment”. We’ve been hearing many different rumors, from the creation of a Minions attraction, much like the two at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. The other option is for a Diagon Alley area, with that building serving as the main area for the shops, or Gringotts ride.

Universal Japan realizes how important the ride is, and is not just letting it ride quietly into the night. They plan on launching a “Good-Bye Back to the Future” campaign, which will probably have a massive send off for the ride.

The original Back to the Future Ride was created using the huge IMAX Domed screens, and motion based systems. It was one of the first major attractions that would set Universal on a course of being one of the top theme park destinations in the world.

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