Epcot’s La Cava Del Tequila is shutting down the outside Margarita kiosk. DON’T PANIC



It came out of left field, and as a shock for most, but the Margarita Kiosk at Epcot-La Cava Del Tequila, is closing. May 31st is the last day of operation, which means that if you’re not at Epcot right now, you’re going to miss it forever.

The news came via the official Twitter page for the tequila bar:


Now before you get too upset, realize that this is just the margarita kiosk outside. The location inside the Mexico pavilion is still in tact, and you can still get tons of great tequila inside. In fact, you can still get margaritas…but you have to go inside the Mexico pavilion to do it.

The move came quietly, and suddenly. So what gives? What is the reason for the sudden closure? While the restaurant isn’t commenting, Twitter is. The main consensus is that the kiosk that serves the Frozen delights has to go, in order to make room for another nearby attraction that will be specialize in the…well..the Frozen delights.
Frozen is opening up right next door at the Norway pavilion, and is expected to have massive crowds for quite some time. The pavilion will feature the all new Frozen ride, as well as the meet and greet area in the Sumerhaus. If previous meet and greets and attractions are any indication, then Frozen will be a massive hit, and will need to start some place away from the attraction, which coincidentally will take a Frozen wonder away. Oh well.

With any luck we’ll see another place to buy tasty adult beverages, because if the preparations being made for Frozen is any indication…we’re going to need them.

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