Shanghai Disneyland Soft Opens, and It Looks Amazing!


Shanghai Disneyland isn’t scheduled to open for another month, but it is already the most talked about Disney park on the planet. With several delays, and tons of rumors saying that the park is responsible for a round of budget cuts, many are wondering if this park could end up being a misfire. Over the weekend, the world got it’s answer as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube blew up with images and video of the park. And the collective response was the same. Oh. My. MICKEY!

Image_SHDR_Enchanted Storybook Castle_750

A soft opening of the all new Shanghai Disneyland happened for cast members, select guests and other dignitaries. Immediately images started pouring in from all over Twitter, and Instagram, which gave us our first actual glimpse of the park. The park is absolutely amazing. The level of detail and new rides in the brand new park put the American parks to shame. New attractions include the Tron LightCycle Coaster, and a completely re-imagined Pirates of the Caribbean that have many fans picking their jaws up off the ground.

Tron Light Cycle Coaster POV

The coaster itself replaces what would be Space Mountain in any other Disney Park. The Shanghai Park is the only Disney theme park that will not have a version of the coaster, modeled after the original that opened in 1975 at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The other attractions in Shanghai’s Tomorrowland section includes a “jet pack” ride, as well as a Buzz Lightyear attraction that is lightyears ahead of all the others.

The other major attraction that is finding it’s way online, and is flat out amazing, is The Pirates Cove Land. The land is a first for a Disney Park, and is the home to Pirates of the Caribbean. The Pirates ride is a staple at many Disney parks, but Shanghai’s version is much different. The Battle for the Sunken Treasure pits riders against pirates and very unique animatronic figures of Davey Jones, Jack Sparrow, and other characters from the film series. The scale of this attraction is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and the pictures themselves have many ready to book a trip to China.

Pirates of the Caribbean POV

We really want to know what happens in a lot of the other parts of the attraction, like does the ride vehicle travel up and down on a column of water? Does it have drops, does it go backwards? These are all things that you just can’t tell from a video, even though what we see looks amazing!

Other huge images include Fairytale Castle, the largest and most inspired Disney castle of the bunch. The castle actually has a ride that goes underneath it. Not surprisingly, the park also pays a lot of detail and homage to Chinese culture. You get many Disney characters greeting guests in traditional Chinese attire, and even doing things like teaching morning Tai Chi lessons. There’s even the Garden of 12 Friends, with Disney characters representing the Chinese Zodiac signs.

Also debuting at Shanghai for the first time, but coming state side to both Disneyland at Walt Disney World resorts, guests are getting a first look at Soarin’ Over the Horizon, the new film expected to replace the 15 year old “Over California” film currently playing at Epcot at DCA. The new film updates the iconic Jerry Goldsmith theme with brand new locations found all over the world. Both attractions are expected to open later this summer.

There will be plenty more to see of Shanghai Disneyland in the coming weeks, but it’s safe to say we’re completely blown away by what little we’ve seen so far. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest on Shanghai and all Disney Resorts and be sure to get social with us on Facebook and follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest updates!

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