Soarin Over California reopens at Epcot to huge lines at Walt Disney World



Friday saw the reopening of the popular Epcot attraction, Soarin Over California. The attraction is currently showing the first film from the ride for a limited time. In June, the old film will go away, and we will see an all new ride show. The new show will take guests around the world, but first it’s time to say goodbye.



And say goodbye they did! Guests wrapped from the front of the Land pavilion, all the way down the stairs for most of the day. The ride also kept a solid three hour wait for most of the day as well. This is even with a third theater for the film being open. Similarly, Toy Story Mania reopened with a third track, which greatly reduced the wait times for that attraction.

The new version of Soarin opens on June 17th at both Epcot and Disney’s California Adventure.

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