The newly revamped GhostRider reopens at Knott’s June 11th!



Knott’s Berry Farm is one of America’s Oldest theme parks, and this year it’s celebrating one of the oldest and coolest parts of the park-Ghost Town. 75 years ago, what started out as a quiet western town opened, and lead the way to one of the most immersive experiences in the world. Guests would soon take a ride on GhostRider, what would become a legendary wooden coaster in Southern California.

As with many things that are 75 years old, Ghost Town needed an update. Many of those things included making the area more interactive, and rebuilding many of the classic shops and attractions. The new Ghost Town will be unveiled Memorial Day weekend, but there’s something looming in the distance.

Since September of 2015, Knott’s has been working with Great Coasters International to reprofile the almost mile long track, and bring the old coaster a new breath of life. All new Millennium Flyer trains have been added, which have also been redesigned to look like mine cars. Each train will be different, with Gold, Copper or Silver accents.

The new version of GhostRider will scream along the track beginning June 11th at Knott’s Berry Farm, and will complete the renovation of Ghost Town’s 75th Anniversary!

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