Cobra’s Curse brings family fun to Busch Gardens Tampa



Busch Gardens Tampa is known for their coasters, and thrills. Their latest attraction, however, allows families to spin as they are immersed in the world of the Snake King, and thrown through a wild ride that will twist and turn you over two thousand feet of track, and up over 70 feet in the air.


The first thing about Cobra’s Curse is the queue. It is the most immersive line that Busch Gardens Tampa has ever done. Normally the rides in the park keep you outside, but Cobra’s Curse gives you a much needed cool down, as the queue takes you in the former Tut’s Tomb attraction. The story is a really cool one as well, taking you on an archeological dig site,  where crews have discovered the remains of the ancient Snake King. Of course things go horribly wrong as the head is placed back on the giant statue.

Video-Walk through the queue of Cobra’s Curse

There are several great new segments of the ride. The overall story, the snakes and the ride itself.




Yes…there are REAL. SNAKES. Yes, most of them are poisonous. The good news is that they are behind glass. Personally I have a huge snake phobia, but the snakes are displayed in a non-threatening way. They are all over the place, yes, but the designers have used the architecture to take the focus off the snakes. That’s really important, because snakes aren’t as bad as many fear. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to take them home, but the importance of the animals are on full display. They eat bugs, rats and control a lot of nuisance species. Frankly…we need them, even though they are…BLECH.


The queue also has a great show element, where you can see the Snake King come to life.

There are two different shows, and if you pay attention you’ll see his wrath come through in funny ways.

In the fire show, above, you’ll see The Snake King zap the villagers as they get tired of his tyranny. Watch for the piles of ash with eyeballs!


In the lightning show, things are sparked when the snake king blasts the village with lightning bolts.

It’s not scary, but funny, as the Snake King projections come to life. That was very important, because while there is a definite creepy factor, it’s not meant to scare, but entertain.



The ride itself uses a system that is completely unique. It has a an elevator lift, which takes you straight up, without being on your back. The Snake King follows you up the lift and gives you a final Curse before you go through the track.
Yes, it spins. It’s a spinning coaster, but it doesn’t make you sick. The spinning is subtle. You spin backwards as you go up the second lift hill, and then you freely spin as you ride through the second half of the track.

It’s not too intense, but has some really great maneuvers. The wave twist, as you go through one giant turn is amazing. You’re freely spinning, so you turn freely through the air. It gives a great boost.

Video-Go for a ride on Cobra’s Curse and face the Snake King!

Cobra’s Curse is a great mew addition, and has a height requirement of just 42 inches. That means kids a shout get as four can ride. It’s the eighth coaster in the park, which puts it three coasters ahead of any park in Florida.Is it safe to say that Busch Gardens is Florida’s Coaster Capital?

Cobra’s Curse is the perfect addition for families, and for those who want to Tae an easier spin in the park.

With Busch Gardens Tampa’s Summer Nights, you’ll want to ride it in the dark for a different experience during the day, as it brightens up the area with eerie light!

Slideshow-Check out even more pictures from Cobra’s Curse!

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