Crystal Pepsi returning to stores this summer! Oh the nostalgia!




Ecto Cooler is back from Hi-C. You can buy it in cans from Amazon (for about $12 bucks) or you can buy it from your local retailer in juice boxes…if you can find it. It’s a weird feeling, searching for something that you use to drink as a kid. Only now you have to share it with your kids. It’s also weird explaining to your wife, who wasn’t raised on “that crap” why you need to buy four cases of the stuff. But once the straw comes out, and the green stuff hits my lips…suddenly I’m ten again, and the world is right.

Now, for us 90’s kids, there’s another amazing slice of nostalgia coming back. Crystal Pepsi. That’s right, the clear Pepsi that ended almost as soon as it began, is going to be back on store shelves this summer. August 8th, to be exact. Stores will probably sell out of it for the first few weeks. It will also be available in Canada on July 11th. To kick things off there will be an online game called “The Crystal Pepsi Trail”. Yeah, you get the reference, don’t you. Of course you remember the Oregon Trail, the educational computer game that had us hooked more than trying to find Carmen San Diego.

Will it be as good as we remember it? I really remember chugging the stuff quite frequently when I was a kid…and then complaining of abdominal pain. Holy crap it was great to be a kid.





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