Disneyland to End Popular 60th Anniversary Firework Show?




Disneyland Forever is one of the huge additions to the park as they celebrated their Diamond Anniversary last year. While the fireworks show is a crowd pleasing hit, there are rumors that it will get the plug later this year. According to WDWNews Today, the show is getting the ax on September 5th.

Is it because it’s not popular? Not by a longshot! It’s one of the most popular attractions in the parks history. instead it’s because of huge budget cutbacks, due mostly to the troubles had in Shanghai and Disney’s newest Disneyland park there. The construction troubles of that park has cut deep into the pockets of other parts of the company. For that reason, many things that were scheduled to continue were cut from the budget.
Video-Check out the amazing Disneyland Forever fireworks!

Let’s face it, the largest fireworks display in Disney history isn’t cheap. The fireworks show will take a break while the Halloween and Christmas shows return to the park for a time. There’s even a rumor that the popular Star Wars fireworks shows, which have been an amazing hit in Orlando, will get a run early next year at Disneyland, but those are just rumors at this point.


What do you think of the rumors?



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