E3 2016: Microsoft announces Project Scorpio for Holiday 2017!


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The Xbox Presentation at this year’s E3 brought in a ton of huge announcements, most of which were expected. One massive announcement that kind of took everyone by surprise was the announcement of Xbox-Project Scorpio. The new system will be the most powerful console that the company has ever built. Very few details were released about the new console, but the biggest one for many gamers is that it will be compatible with current Xbox One games. That’s a huge deal, since the Xbox S was also announced.

Here’s the official announcement:


The news is pretty huge, and also expected, as the company seems to roll out a new console about every five years or so.
Later this year, Xbox One S will hit stores, with two options. There will be three different editions. The 500 GB will run $299, with the 1TB version being $350, and the 2TB version running $399.

Also new this year is the new Xbox Design Labs. Now you can customize your controllers with custom colors, and even your Gamertag.

There is a whole slew of new options for Xbox Live, including Clubs, the ability to upload PC games, and even the digital assistant, Cortana.

There was also a slew of new trailers for upcoming games, which we’ll dive into very soon!

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