Skull Island: Reign of Kong is unveiled as walls come down around Universal Orlando’s newest attraction


And the walls came down. Universal Orlando’s newest attraction, Skull Island: Reign of Kong came one step closer to opening on Monday as the construction walls bearing the rows of skulls came down. The attraction behind it was surrounded by the oncoming Tropical Storm Colin, which only added to the mystique of what waits inside.

Skull Island Entrance

Skull Island lives up to it’s name as rows and rows of skulls line the entrance to the attraction. The huge gate waits ominously to swing open, and every once in a while you can see the flames going off. It’s truly a haunting sight, and that’s just the outside! Inside, guests will encounter huge bugs, massive creatures, and of course…the legendary Kong.

The portion that is visible now is part of the queue, which will have actors dressed as “angry Skull Island natives” popping out occasionally. There are also some major surprises in store for those waiting in line.

Also, for the first time ever, we got a glimpse of the costumes for the attraction. The costumes are a throwback to the Adventurers of the 20’s and 30’s, as the ride takes place in the world of an adventure company that is exploring the newly discovered Skull Island.


The walls coming down are an important step in the opening of the attraction, as it can honestly now open at anytime. The attraction still doesn’t have an opening date, so the next best thing we can hope for is a soft, or “technical rehearsal”. Technical rehearsals will not be announced, and can happen without warning. They can also end at any time, as the ride works out the glitches and bugs before a major grand opening happens.

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