Theme parks and workers show love and support for Orlando in wake of tragedy

Photo courtesy of Kevin O'Brien Facebook

Photo courtesy of Kevin O’Brien Facebook

Early Sunday morning, Orlando was the target of one of the worst mass shootings in history. As the news spread on Sunday, Orlando’s core community, theme parks and their workers came together in their love and support of the city they call home.

Most of Orlando’s theme parks issued statements through Social Media showing condolences and wishing safety for everyone in the community.

While not all of Orlando’s parks shared messages, workers from every single park did, as Facebook user Kevin O’Brien compiled an album of theme park workers, and people from all over the world to show their love for Orlando.

“This is family. We are one, strong band of people,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “From entertainment, costuming, techs, attractions, merchandise, custodial and all other (departments).”

The pictures came in by the thousands, as all showed their love for Orlando. While Orlando is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it’s easy to forget that city is actually made up of hard working people who bring the parks to life. While the attack happened at a LGBT nightclub, it wasn’t the only community that was affected. The LGBT and Theme Park community in Orlando are intertwined, as the parks attract workers and fans from all races, creeds, and sexual orientation.

Support came pouring for the victims and their families as the names were released. Even Harry Potter author, JK Rowling took time out to offer condolences to a fallen Universal Team Member who worked on the Harry Potter attraction at Islands of Adventure.

As the names of the victims continue to be released, keep in mind that anger isn’t the way to resolve and fight back. We do need to fight back, but we fight back by continuing to live, and love. Show that hatred and anger can’t take away the joy and love of our own lives. Show that you are stronger than an ideology, by fighting back against anger, hate and submission with love, freedom…it’s the strongest weapons we have. Also remember that we are molded by the world around us, from words to actions. Fill your world with positivity, and have an open mind, and hopefully it will spread and mold others.
We continue to offer our prayers and support, and hope that you all stay safe.

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