Toothsome Chocolate Emporium getting ready to tickle your sweet tooth at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk



To say that Universal Orlando’s Toothsome Chocolate Emporium is highly anticipated is a bit of an understatement. The new “factory” themed restaurant will feature tons of great sweets, as well as an amazing array of savory dishes. It’s going to have a little something for everyone…but mostly chocolate lovers.

The Emporium has taken over the home of NBA City, and is getting more interesting by the day. The latest details come by way of a casting call for the restaurant. There will be two major roles, both of whom will be traveling throughout the restaurant. We will also guess that they will be the spokes “people” of the restaurant.

Here’s the official descriptions for the roles:

Penolope Toothsome: Female 5’7” to 6’ in height. British dialect. Strong Improv skills required. Penelope has traveled the globe to gain knowledge of all things chocolate.

Jaques: Male 5’8”-6’1” in height. Actors will wear a costume that will cover entire body including head and face, with ability to speak. Strong improv skills required. Longtime robot companion to Penelope.

So it won’t be Willy Wonka, but there will be a mysterious chocolatier, and a robot companion. Oompa Loompa indeed. This makes the new restaurant all the more exciting, as we will get to see a little bit of a story come to life in the awesome new restaurant.

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