Universal Orlando Launches Mobile Tickets for Single and Multi-day Purchases


13450958_1133652013323656_7231784194333604388_nIn the latest change to the Central Florida theme parks, Universal Orlando updated their mobile application now to allow the use of single and multi-day tickets.

While this is a sudden change to the way the Florida parks have done ticketing, it is a nice and pleasant change. The regional park chain Six Flags has allowed for with-in app ticket scanning of their season passes and day passes for about a year now.

The big push for mobile has come to theme parks in a big way. First, Disney introduced Magic Bands, and My Magic +, then they introduced the My Disney Experience Mobile App. Via the app, you can make Fastpass+ Reservations, track all of your upcoming trips, and even make dinner reservations. Now, the Disney app allows guests to purchase tickets, and use them on their phone.
While Universal currently allows for a single day ticket, Disney allows for multiple days, and allows you to link your Annual Pass to the app, and keep it updated. It looks as if most parks will eventually go to a completely mobile experience, which is not only more convenient for the guests, but also the parks.

It could be possible that this new update will be a step towards Universal’s own revamping of the ticketing and information system in the park, and could lead to a system similar to Magic Bands in the future.

The Update is now available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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