Legoland Florida releases guidelines for Pokémon GO! Players


Courtesy of Legoland Florida

It shouldgo without saying, if you’re playing Pokémon GO! at Legoland Florida, you should be aware of your surroundings, and follow the rules of the park. It’s all for your safety. After all there, are already reports of trespassing, injuries and assault after the game launched last week in various parts of the country.

Still, Legoland Florida is a great place to nab some great Pokemon. We’ve had reports of Pikachu, Charmanders, and even some ultra rare Pokemon spotted in the area. With over 25 Pokestops, and three Gyms it’s a great place to catch em all, even while you’re waiting in line.

However, with all the fun, Legoland Florida is trying to make the park a place to not only catch Pokemon, but also a safe and great place for families to spend the day. With that in mind, here’s a list of guidelines that the park has released for a safe and fun Pokemon experience.


Rules for a safe Pokémon GO quest at LEGOLAND Florida Resort:

  • Even a Pokémon Master must stay within guest areas.  Please don’t climb any fences or follow any Pokémon into employee only areas.
  • No catch is worth sacrificing your safety.  All play must pause throughout the duration of your ride until you exit the ride.
  • Be sure not to bump into one of our more than 28 thousand LEGO® models – that could hurt!
  • With more than one hundred Pokémon to catch, be sure to stay hydrated.
  • If you find a Pokémon at the Fun Town Pizza Pasta Buffet, let the nearest Model Citizen know, we prefer pepperoni over Poké Balls.
  • If hours of play have unleashed the power of your phone, recharge in the Imagination Zone.
  • If your wild encounter leads you to Wyldstyle, keep in mind she may need to stop for a selfie with another guest before you can make your catch.

Honestly these are great tips for not only catching Pokemon, but also enjoying the park.



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