New trailer for the Fox Rocky Horror Picture Show arrives




The Rocky Horror Picture Show is getting a made for TV remake with Laverne Cox, and a bevy of other current stars. It’s taking the fun from the theaters, and putting it in your living room. How? Well, this new trailer gives a bit of a hint at that.



It looks as if Fox is going to set the film in a theater full of fans watching the film. Could they be doing callbacks as well?

The new film does have a cameo by Tim Curry in it as the narrator. The new film will air on Halloween on Fox. The original film holds the record for most showings of a film…ever. There’s always some theater playing it at midnight, and especially during Halloween.

The film will get a huge panel this weekend at San Diego Comic Con, and will more than likely screen some footage from it as well. The film has been a cult hit, and has even made appearances at Halloween Horror Nights for several years with the Tribute Show. It’s so popular that fans are constantly calling for it to come back.


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