SDCC 2016: Iron Fist and Defenders teased during Marvel panel!





In 2017 we will get to see the adventures of Iron Fist hit Netflix. Iron Fist is one of four key members of the Defenders, and is a master of Kung Fu and the fiery Iron Fist. His adventures will hit NetFlix in 2017, but guests at San Diego Comic Con’s Marvel panel got a special treat.



The poster for Iron Fist shows off the dragon logo, and is a definite sign that the show is on the right track.

Next, Netflix released the first teaser for the show:

While Iron Fist will stream in 2017, along with Luke Cage, it’s all leading up to something pretty special.

The Defenders will take all four of the NetFlix Marvel shows, and combine them into one team. The Defenders will bring together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. It’s definitely the biggest team up since the Avengers, and it’s the biggest team up in television history. The Defenders ban together in 2017.

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