SDCC 2016: Justice League teaser hits, and it’s promising!



Say what you want about Batman v Superman. It was a mess. No denying it, but there was something special there underneath all the hype and mess. It could have been something better. The first teaser trailer for Justice League has hit, and where Batman v Superman was all mess, and a little optimism, there just seems to be a lot more hope here.

The feel of this trailer is what BvS should have been, from the get go. It’s bright, energetic, and not so damn broody. Yes, there’s a danger coming, but these guys look like they have had a few years to grow into their skin, and they like what they do. There’s hope!

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Jason Mamoa looks like he absolutely kills it, and is having a blast doing the film…that’s a big positive here.

What do you think, are you still skeptical about the big mash up?

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