SDCC 2016: Pokemon Go Panel Moves to Hall H


Pokemon Go is barely a week old and it’s already the most used app in the world, it was known when the SDCC schedule was announced that there would be a modest Pokemon Go panel planned for room 25ABC, a room that’s only designed to hold 480 guests for a presentation. It’s safe to assume that’s not nearly enough room to fit all the folks who will be looking to get in on a behind the scenes look at the new app. According to the SDCC Blog, the panel was bumped to a larger room. A much, MUCH larger room, Hall H.



That’s right, the iconic room where the biggest movie studios in the world show off their latest creation is now joined by a mobile app that only launched officially a week ago. Luckily the greatly improves your chances of seeing the panel as  Hall H generally holds around 6,500 people. When it was announced the original small Pokemon Go panel was going to be hosted by the founder of Niantic John Hanke. It’s probably best to assume that much bigger things are expected and given the popularity of this game, Hall H will not be big enough, not by a long shot. The new panel in Hall H will take place on Sunday at 1:45PM.

Will you brave the crowds to experience the Pokemon Go panel at SDCC This year? Let us know in the comments below.

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