Star Wars Episode VIII wraps production 


And that’s a wrap! Director Rian Johnson has officially ended production on the all new Star Wars Episode VIII and shared to social media.

“Final slate of the final shot,” Johnson wrote of an accompanying short video. “VIII is officially wrapped. Thanks to the best cast and crew in the galaxy, and thanks to the fans for all the love and support through the whole process. Cannot wait to put it together and share it with you all!”

The announcement comes a week after his appearance at Star Wars Celebration in London. The physical production of the film is completely done, but now the task of editing and putting it all together means that there is still plenty of work to do.

What do we know about the film? Nothing…except that it picks up the instant The Force Awakens ends. We also know that we’re not going to get a lot of information about it until at least April, when Star Wars Celebration hits Orlando.

There’s a chance we could see the first trailer attached to Rogue One in December, along with a name, but I wouldn’t count on that too much.

Star Wars is seeing a huge resurgence after last year’s The Force Awakens, and this year’s Rogue One. We are also getting huge attractions at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, with construction already taking off on both. This December will see Rogue One hitting theaters, with Episode VIII hitting next December. After that is the untitled Han Solo movie, which has been cast and is being filmed now.



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