Incredible Hulk Coaster soft opens at Islands of Adventure


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Screams have once again filled the air, as the big green guy goes rampaging over the skies at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. The Incredible Hulk has soft opened for park guests, which happened a little after 6p.m. on Monday. The coaster is in technical rehearsals, which means that it could close at any time, for any reason.

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The coaster is all new, as it was completely tore down and rebuilt from the ground up. All new steel, all new cars, and an all new queue make up the legendary beasts’ return. The story line of the coaster is also new. Instead of following Bruce Banner around the lab, we are now part of the experiment as Col. Ross is trying to replicate the process and make super soldiers. Of course, things never go as planned.
Walls came down on the ride this past Saturday, and it has been testing ever since.

What do you need to know if you plan on riding? For starters, the ride is under technical rehearsal right now. It does not have to be open, and can open and close at any time for any reason. Riders are not allowed to have anything in their pockets, at all. Keys, cellphones, purses bags, everything must go in a locker, which is located directly opposite the ride entrance.

The ride should be open the rest of the week, provided all goes well with soft openings tonight.

Check back for more from Hulk as we will get up close and personal with the big green one later this week!

Special thanks to @OutKastz on Twitter for the pics and heads up!



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