National Coaster Day: The Great American Coaster of 2016!


Great American Coaster


Happy National Coaster Day! Today marks the day that we celebrate the greatest thrill machine of all time, the Roller Coaster! It’s a good thing too, because summer is almost over. That means you still have a few weeks left to get in some great rides on some amazing coasters!

Last week we asked you to vote for your favorite coaster in our Great American Coaster Poll, and you did! Today we are very pleased to announce the winner of the poll, and to crown the new Great American Coaster!


10. The Raven-Holiday World

Located in the Halloween section of the park, The Raven takes riders on a journey inspired by the flight of the bird. Yes, the coaster is named for the poem by Edgar Allen Poe, and it fits right into the park

9. The Incredible Hulk-Universal’s Islands of Adventure

It was iconic before, but now it’s meaner than ever. The Incredible Hulk just reopened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and it brings new everything! Train, story, track, you name it!

8. Sheikra-Busch Gardens Tampa

It was the first dive coaster in America, and it still stands strong as a solid scream machine. You make your way up, and then dangle straight down as you look into what waits you below. Suddenly you’re dropped, 200 feet straight down. It’s not for the faint hearted

7. Kraken-SeaWorld Orlando

One of the coasters that started the movement in Central Florida, Kraken let’s you take a journey on floorless trains as you journey on the back of the mythological beast!

6. Millennium Force- Cedar Point

The ORIGINAL and baddest Giga-Coaster, Millennium Force is still going strong as one of the most popular and award winning coasters in the world.

5. The Legend-Holiday World

Another entry from Holiday World, Legend has taken the name and ran with it. For 2016 the park has installed several new elements into the classic coaster, and has taken it up a few notches!

4. The Voyage-Holiday World

The Voyage is more than just a clever name, it truly is a voyage, as you go over a mile of track, through tunnels and back again. It’s been voted as Best Wooden Coaster for several years, with the last time being in 2011

3. Manta- SeaWorld Orlando

The ONLY flying coaster in Florida, Manta took the world by storm. The queue takes you through the world of stingrays, and the ride lets you fly over the water, and through the air like a giant manta. It’s one of the most thrilling coasters in SeaWorld and Central Florida

2. Thunderbird- Holiday World

Talk about a strong showing for Holiday World! Thunderbird was the first launched B&M coaster, and it made a huge splash. The coaster takes on the name of the mythological bird, and continues the Holiday World tradition of fun family rides


This year’s Great American Coaster Award goes to the all new Mako at SeaWorld Orlando. The new coaster soars to 200 feet before dropping riders into a frenzy of hills and turns that are just a great ride. The coaster also has a strong conservation message, and it’s fun to watch sharks being tracked all over the world. Still…it’s the coaster that drives the point home.


Congratulations to all who made the list this year. Remember that this list was voted on by readers of Behind the Thrills and coaster fans, we did not choose the winners.  If you would like to see the poll for yourself, click here.



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