New Rogue One Trailer Hits!


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The all new trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One has hit…and OH MY VADER! Let’s just get right into it.


While the first trailer showed a few glimpses of hope, and had overtones of the Jedi, this second trailer is all about the darkness of The Empire. We see some really cool glimpses, but it’s that last one that everyone will be talking about. The one thing I like more than anything here is the feel of Star Wars from the first films. It has that mood, that feel…that hopelessness and a small glimmer of hope. It has that amazing John Williams Soundtrack, and it feels like it’s going to have some great humorous moments as well.
Rogue One opens on December 16th, and it will be the first stand alone Star Wars Story that will not involve the saga…well, sort of. It’s the first of many planned spinoffs, and we hope it’s as good as it looks.

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