Disney moves Stitch’s Great Escape to seasonal hours, is permanent closure rapidly approaching?


In a move confirmed today by Walt Disney World Resort, starting on October 2nd, Stitch’s Great Escape will start to operate on seasonal hours.

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney World

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney World

Stitch’s Great Escape will have its final day of normal daily operations on October 1. Stitch will reopen November 19 for Thanksgiving and will then close on November 27. Stitch will then reopen again on December 17 for the Christmas and New Year week. While Stitch is open during the seasonal periods in November and December, the attraction will only operate from 10 am to 8 pm.

It’s not uncommon for the theme parks announce that an attraction is permanently closing for it’s hours to be reduced. In 2004 was the last time Walt Disney World offered any attraction seasonally, and that was the wonders of life pavilion at Epcot. On January 1st, 2007, the wonders of life pavilion permanently closed.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise to those who keep up with the rumors that circulate the Orlando Parks.  This news from Walt Disney World is helping to fuel the fire on the rumor that we posted about last month with Stitch’s Great Escape being completely gutted, and refurbished into a Wreck it Ralph VR simulator.

While this news does not confirm that Tomorrowland will be losing the resident intergalactic creature from the 2002 movie “Lilo and Stitch,” this move does not come unexpectedly.

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