There’s “No Escape” during Howl O Scream with new Escape Rooms




Can you survive a room where terrors lurk? Can you escape when the pressure is on, and your life is on the line? Busch Gardens Williamsburg is betting you can’t, as they introduce all new Escape Rooms just for Howl O Scream. The new Escape Rooms will be an upcharge experience, and will give you clues to solve the puzzles, beat the clock, and escape. There will be two different experiences.

Case of Jack the Ripper: The legendary killer is on the loose, and it’s up to you to stop him. Can you solve the clues, and help The Yard in their investigation before he strikes again?

Case of Mr. Karver: Mr. Karver was a puppet maker. They say his creations were so realistic that you’d swear they came to life. You’d swear it anyway. Now Mr. Karver has a new plan for the Evil Encore, and it’s up to you to solve the clues and stop him before it’s too late.


There are two different sessions to book, before 4p.m. and after. The difference will naturally be the price. All guests participating in the escape rooms must be over 16, and guests will be put into groups of six. The time limit will be 30 minutes…do you have what it takes?


In addition, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is bringing back a fan favorite, for the first time in eight years. Starfright Orchestra is a twelve piece band in Italy’s il Teatro Di San Marco. The band will perform five times every Saturday during Howl O Scream and will be a huge part of the festivities.


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