Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales poster and teaser revealed!



Tonight, fans of Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Men Tell No Tales, will be treated to the first trailer from the 2017 film. The new trailer will be attached to Fear The Walking Dead, on AMC tonight. Disney has also released the first poster (seen above) for the new film.

The new trailer will more than likely go on line later tonight, and a full trailer will more than likely be attached to Star Wars: Rogue One this December. The new trailer marks the return of Johnny Depp to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, and will be the fifth in the Pirates series.
The new film will see Jack Sparrow facing off against his old nemesis, Captain Salazar. Salazar (played by Javier Bardem) has been trapped in the Devil’s Triangle, and controls a crew of Ghost Pirates. Jack’s only hope is to seek out the Trident of Poseidon and defeat Darkenon to escape the temple and make it back home…umm (sorry, Universal reference there). The Trident gives the holder control of all the seas. The film will also mark the return of Orlando Bloom as Will Turner.

After the past two films, Disney has done upgrades to the Pirates of Caribbean ride. We now have Davy Jones, and Blackbeard projections, as well as a Mermaid skeleton and song. There’s also Captain Jack Sparrow next to all the other older animatronics. What will we see this time?

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