Scream-A-Geddon enters final week, and you don’t want to miss it!





Halloween is less than a week away, so you’re probably looking for a good haunted house. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll want to steer clear of Scream-A-Geddon…simply put, it’s not a haunted house. It’s an all immersive, one of a kind scream park, and pretty much the only one of it’s kind in Central Florida. Located in Tampa, Scream-A-Geddon is going into it’s final week of operation, with the fear running until just November 5th.

For those looking for Halloween fun, the event will run all week this week. Of course, the closer you get to Halloween, the more crowded it’s going to get. Still, with five different haunted attractions and a “Monster Midway”, there’s tons to do for one price.


Monster Midway

The midway serves as the entrance and portal into terror. Here you will find roaming scareactors, and terrors. There’s also huge fire pits that give you shelter from the scares, but just outside of those shadows roams something sinister. Seriously, the gang here does a great job getting everyone amped up for the haunted attractions. There’s also carnival style games, and of course food and beer.

Cursed Hayride

Unfortunately, due to weather we were not able to see the hayride. BUT, it’s a staple of haunted attractions up north. This year the hayride is revamped, and supposedly bigger than ever.


Dead Woods

Another staple of haunted attractions, Dead Woods puts you on a trail with very little light. We got some great scares here, but the dark tended to take away from it. Having a haunted trail is definitely a bonus, as it makes you feel like you could actually get lost. It’s also a testament to the variety of attractions at the event. You also walk through cabins and other structures where you try to get away from “the family”. It’s a very backwood deliverance type situation where you are the main course on their menu.

Blackpool Prison

This was by far one of the best attractions in the park. You have two options, either you can go through the regular portion of the maze or you can be a part of it. If you are “marked” you are pushed, pulled and made part of the prison. You’re not just a bystander, you are actually in the show. It’s definitely a cool experience to a pretty stellar house. The detail here was pretty great, and of course the story of a prison melting down because of a blackout is pretty fun. You get put into restraint chairs as well, which is something new for the area. It’s not quite extreme, but there’s something sinister about giving a stranger control over you and letting them strap you down.


Bedlam 3D

With all the talk of horrifying clowns this year that have been stalking and hanging outside of homes, it’s no wonder that ScreamAGeddon has a clown house. Bedlam isn’t your typical 3D house. There are bungees, clowns, a spinning tunnel and a very cleverly hidden exit. You really have to try and find your way out of this one. It’s also one of the only houses at the event that is interactive…whether you want it or not. Yes…touching is allowed.


Primarily outdoors, you are lead through a quarantine zone. You have the option to be “interactive” in this one as well. You are grabbed, and touched and pushed into other areas if you opt in for the interactive piece. There is an amazing set piece that involves walking through a bus. There’s also a great scare here that we won’t tell you about! It’s set up so that you really don’t see it coming. The idea is that the area is infected, and zombies have overrun it. Who infected it? Perhaps aliens?


ScreamAGeddon is in their second year. The event has grown to include a little bit of everything for haunt fans. The only thing we could see that was missing were actual rides on the midway. Perhaps they’ll continue to grow and become even bigger. Fair warning, this event is held in the woods. There’s really nothing else around it, and when you drive up on it on a dark and stormy night, it almost seems like something out of a Ray Bradbury story. That being said, if there’s any kind of rain and wind you will get wet and muddy on some of the attractions, especially the Hayride. It’s in the woods, after all.

The addition of being able to go interactive in some of the attractions makes for a longer experience. You are touched, and drug through the entire house. If you are uncomfortable with strangers, go the safer route and just do the haunts as is. If you are in for a little more fun, and invasion of your personal space, the interactive attractions are definitely a great bonus.



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