The final Star Wars:Rogue One trailer is here!


The all new poster for Rogue One has hit and it’s definitely a throwback to the older films. Look at Vader in the background, enough to send chills!

Now we have the final trailer for the film, and…wow!

What did you think? To me it really feels like old school Star Wars, but with an all new twist. We get a lot in this trailer, but it still doesn’t feel overly spoilerish.

The biggest thing is that Darth Vader is back! He’s voiced once again by a he legendary James Earl Jones, though we’ll have to wait until Secember to hear him.
Yes, there’s a good dose of nostalgia here, but there also feels like enough new ground to make this one a solid entry. Let’s hope it’s more of a forward push and not a constant call back to the old films.