Tickets now on sale for Catharsis-Orlando’s newest haunted attraction




30 minutes doesn’t seem like that long of a time. You can do quite a few things in 30 minutes, such as wait for a pizza, drive to to the store and back, or pray that your 30 minutes is up. That’s the idea behind Orlando’s newest haunted attraction, Catharsis.

Unlike many of the local big haunted attractions, there are no safety in numbers…in fact, there are no numbers. You either go it alone, or you go with a group of no larger than six people. Once inside, all bets are off as you are brought face to face with characters that are consumed by each of the seven deadly sins. Oh, and it’s not your simple jump and scare you type of experience either. Catharsis is designed to test and possibly break your very soul, as the experience relies more on a chilling, unnerving, interactive theater experience than gags and jumps. Will you be scared? Yes, but it won’t be like any fright you’ve ever had.


So what’s the story? You are summoned by Selena Blackwood…the owner of the Deadly Sins Bar and remnant of a now fallen society. Instead of waiting in line, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy drinks at the bar until you are summoned. Selena will reveal her true nature to you, as you discover yours. The haunt experience is curtailed to you, as the haunters will know your name, and they will know details about you. There will also be parts in the haunt that characters will be able to touch you. Take that in for a moment…they can touch you. While it probably won’t be full on grabs, or anything like that, there’s something that is really unsettling about a stranger reaching out at you and doing something like stroking your hair, grabbing your arm or pushing you into a direction. It becomes a bit more unnerving. It’s all about the personal level of attention you’ll get at Catharsis.

The event will run on 13 nights, and will begin Friday October 7th. Tickets will run $24 dollars for standard arrival, which means you will be put in a group with several others, or you can upgrade for an additional $10 dollars. This means that you will get guaranteed alone time with the sinners of Catharsis.

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For more information about Catharsis, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!