Hot Butterbeer debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood


What Starbucks sells isn’t the real thing. It’s not even close. Forget making it at home, especially if the recipe calls for butter (disgusting). No, there’s only one place to get Hot Butterbeer and that’s in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

While the hot version of the Wizarding Worlds favorite drink has been in Orlando for a few years on a seasonal basis, the drink is just making its debut at Universal Studios Hollywood. The new version of the drink will be available at select locations throughout the Wizarding World for a limited time. The drink will be seasonal, which means can only get it during certain times of the year. Usually the drink appears during the cooler months, which makes it the perfect fall and winter treat.
The real question is, what does it taste like? It has the consistency of hot chocolate, but had a very rich creamy flavor. All the flavors of regular and frozen butterbeer are there, but in a much different way.

Hot Butterbeer is now available at The Wizarding World Hollywood, be sure to grab it soon!

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