Anime and Godzilla “The King of the Monsters” reign supreme at Universal Studios Japan.



The land of the rising sun. The far east. Japan. Many interesting things come from this ‘mysterious’ country. In the last century one of the biggest movie monsters, literally biggest, Godzilla. Is a Japanese resident. If the Japanese are happy to call him a fellow resident remains to be seen. Though if you ask me monster island seems like a pretty rad place to hang out. For the first time in history Godzilla has made his way into a theme park in the form of a 4-D show. For the temporary event, Universal COOL Japan that goes from January 13th to June 25th.




He is large and in charge and this time he’s literally knocking on Universal’s door. “With those tiny hands?” I hear you cry, well yes yes indeed. You see the ride takes place in Osaka, which that may sound like a distant city that you heard of one time in geography class. If you weren’t staring out the window at various animals that were doing vastly more interesting things outside. But a quick google search will tell you that’s where Universal Studios Japan is. So the entire ride takes place…right where you are at. And Godzilla makes short work of Osaka’s landmarks almost wrecking up the castle and tromping through USJ. The ride itself takes place from a point of view of a jet fighter who has one shot to blow up Godzilla. It’s convoluted but you some how crash in the streets and see a crowd of people running away from the big lizard only to be CRUSHED beneath his mighty weight. Its fun without being cheesy and it’s all done in the same theater Shrek 4-D is in. Hmm, I’d say something here but Universal has stepped up its game in the states using it for Halloween Horror Nights.


But if you thought Godzilla was going to be the only oppressive thing you come face to face with at this event, THINK AGAIN! The trippy indoor rollercoaster “Space Fantasy” has been rethemed to Evangelion  series as Evangelion- “You cannot survive”. First-that might be the most extreme name for a ride ever. Second- they missed the opportunity to sell “YOU DIDN’T SURVIVE” shirts. Also it’s a VR ride, why is it called XR? Hey it’s Japan let them do what they want. Giant robots aplenty fall around you as you battle to stay alive.



The event also features a huge Armored Titan, which fans or just the curious can take pictures with. It is amazing to see how many people cosplaying their favorite “Attack on Titan” characters infront of it. There is also a airship themed Monster Hunter attraction, a detective Conan  escape the room, and more! I could tell you more or I could just give you a peak!

Check out this video showcasing the highlights of the event!

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