Disney closes Hall of Presidents to make way for President Trump



An era is coming to a close. No matter what your opinion on the 44th President of the United States, he was a first in many ways. One of the firsts was that he was the first to record his piece of Disney’s Hall of Presidents from the White House. Barrack Obama was the last addition to the Walt Disney World attraction in 2009, and with it came a huge overhaul of the entire attraction, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Earlier this week, the attraction closed to make room for our newest President…Donald Trump.

We happened to be on hand to catch one of the last showings of the current version, featuring President Obama.

Watch-President Obama’s Speech in Hall of Presidents


The show will be closed for the next few months while they add the new president into the attraction. The attraction is expected to reopen in June. It’s unknown what role Donald Trump will play in the show, and whether or not they’ll keep President Obama’s speech in tact, or if Disney will create an all new version.
If you haven’t seen the entire show in it’s entirety, it certainly is a powerful and patriotic show.

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