Follow the Spiders-What is coming from Harry Potter Celebration?



An all new Hashtag has popped up on Twitter the past few days. #FollowTheSpiders has been posted across several Official Harry Potter Platforms. It doesn’t appear to be a coincidence, as Harry Potter Celebration is happening this weekend at Universal Orlando.


A new Instagram account has also been formed, making the same declaration of Follow The Spiders. So what can we expect to find when we follow the spiders? Celebration has been used as the place to make big announcements in the past few years. This year, there’s a rumor that an all new Harry Potter Castle Show is coming to Universal Orlando. Could we possibly see it happen at Harry Potter Celebration? There’s a pretty good chance of yes, but who knows…those spiders can be very tricky.
The quote comes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. What does it mean!

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