SeaWorld San Diego announces “Electric Eel” coaster for 2018



SeaWorld San Diego is going to have a huge 2017 with three major new attractions, Ocean Explorer, a new Orca Experience and a new nighttime show. But the park is already looking to 2018 as it files for construction on an all new coaster. Meet Electric Eel. The new coaster will take riders 150 up, over and back down in a thrilling new ride.


The new coaster will be only the third at the park and will be a first as well for SeaWorld San Diego.

The new coaster will be the tallest in the park, reaching 150 feet tall. It will also be the first coaster in the park to feature an inversion, taking guests upside down. The new coaster will be a clone of Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, which rockets guests upwards before shooting them backwards, then backup again for a complete circuit around the track.

Video-Ride Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The small footprint and huge thrill factor makes it ideal for SeaWorld San Diego, which also has a launched version of Manta, and a version of Journey to Atlantis. The new coaster is the latest move to take SeaWorld in a new direction, and focus on conservation and rides, rather than theatrical shows.

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