Watch-All new Forbidden Forest coming to London’s WB Studio Tour!



The fourth annual Celebration of Harry Potter kicked off last week at Universal Orlando with a massive opening ceremony. The night had tons of surprises, including the cast of the Harry Potter films.
However fans followed spiders all week to the Harry Potter Celebration. #FollowTheSpiders was a huge twase ofna camapign on social media that was put out by Pottermore, Harry Potter Films and the WB Studio Tour in London.
The spiders were followed (why couldn’t be Butterflies) and the secret was revealed during the massive opening celebration.

The WB Studio Tour will be bringing a massive new Forbidden Forest feature, which will open at the tour in London on March 31st of this year. The new area will bring you a massive behind the scenes look at the area, which is forbidden, and will also bring you face to face with tons of creatures, including the massive Aragog.





The spider made a surprise visit to the Harry Potter Expo, and guests were able to get closer to him than ever before. It was a rare opportunity to not only see this very creepy prop, but also learn about how he came to be. It was also a great chance to learn how Hagrid got his massive height, how the goblins came to life, and how many of the other creatures in the Harry Potter World came to be.

The booth at the Expo was just one of many different things happening at Universal’s Annual Celebration of Harry Potter.

Slideshow-Check out hundreds of pictures from this year’s Celebration!

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We will be bringing you tons more from A Celebration of Harry Potter, so stay tuned!

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