Celebration at the Top opens reservations at Walt Disney World for breathtaking fireworks and more



If you’ve been to the Magic Kingdom, then there’s a good chance you’ve seen fireworks. However, you’ve never seen fireworks until you’ve seen them from the top of the Contemporary Resort at California Grills’ private observation deck. It’s an amazing view that puts you directly above Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World has launched an all new package that not only gives you a great seat for fireworks, but allows you to sample some of the amazing culinary delights that California Grill is renowned for. California Grill is also known for being near impossible to get reservations for. Celebration at the Top will give guests the chance to not only have the best seat in the world for fireworks, but also give them a wide variety of small plates to sample.

Sushi, flatbreads, and other small plates are on the menu for the new offering. There will also be a complimentary bar offering craft beers, wines, and cordials. After the fireworks, feast on desserts created specifically for the event. The new event will kick off on February 26th, and will happen Thursday evenings from now until March 26th. It’s a very limited time engagement, and sounds like something you really don’t want to miss.


Tickets for the event will be $99 dollars per person, and does not include tax or gratuity. It does include valet parking, and all of your drinks. Visit the official website by clicking here for more information and reservations. 




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