Disney Gondolas-Could there be another reason for new transportation system?


Just a few days ago we told you about a rumor to bring new Skyway Gondolas online at Walt Disney World. The rumor stems from new plans filed to build new structures along the resort property.
Today, a new rumor has surfaced that gives a little more reasoning as to why the new system could be in place.
According to Twitter user @p_radden, the new transportation system is not only going to be exclusively for hotel resorts, but could play into larger plans down the line. Not only could we see the new transportation system, but we could see it used to set up a new pricing system as well. Bear with me.

Currently there are three pricing scales for resorts-Value, Moderate and Deluxe. In the future, Disney could change those levels based on how close the hotels are to the parks. If you think about it, that’s kind of the case now, as Magic Kingdom area hotels are typically double the price as hotels near other parks.

If you look at the newly updated map above, you can see that transportation is going to be key in this. Instead of boarding buses, guests will simply jump on a Gondola and cut their time in half. So, why not charge more for the amenity of waiting less time to get back to your hotel?
Another big clue to this being potentially the case is that the new line is allegedly running directly from central hubs at the hotels, to places close by two of the Disney theme parks. Epcot will have a hub right near the Yacht and Beach Club, as well as the Boardwalk areas. All of those areas are pretty much connected by either a short walk or boat ride. Disney Vacation Club will get it’s own station, and the Value Resorts (Pop Century, Art of Animation) will have a hub all their own. The other park getting a new Gondola system will be Hollywood Studios. Hollywood Studios is opening Star Wars Land around 2019, and Epcot is rumored to start a major overhaul of that park, which could bring some major new attractions. That would make those two parks premium destinations.

Of course, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom have their own resorts, all of which are very close by the parks already, so a new transportation system from the close by hotels to those parks aren’t top of the priority list.

Another new theory is that Disney is about to kick into high gear, and build new resorts. The same @p_radden thinks that there will be several new hotels, with varying themes going up around Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The new Skyway System will fall right in line with those, with some of the resorts being so close that transportation won’t be an issue. There’s even talk of a Star Wars themed hotel, right next to Hollywood Studios. Disney is definitely looking to the future, and could be gearing up for Universal Orlando’s next big move by expanding their hotel offerings, and making it easier for guests to stay onsite at Disney with more options than ever.

As for the Gondola system? It’s looking more and more like a plausible possibility. The only factor would be weather, but with a covered ride car, and grounded support towers, lightning strikes aren’t looking like a concern anymore. The new systems will be powered by motors located in covered areas, which will ensure that weather isn’t a concern. High winds (over 40 mph) are rarely a concern in Central Florida, so weather is looking less like a hindrance and more like a reason to get these things in gear quickly.


Of course, this is all speculation and rumor at this point and we won’t know anything until the parks officially announce it. Given the activity around it lately, however, it could be a good indication that we will hear something sooner rather than later. Special thanks to p_radden for the maps, and theories, and here’s hoping that it all comes true!



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