Disney releases looks inside Pandora: World of Avatar attractions



Over the past week, Walt Disney World has been giving us a sneak peak inside the all new attractions that will be a part of the all new Pandora: World of Avatar. The new videos are giving us a brief glimpse into what it’s like on the actual attractions.


First up is a look at the new Flight of Passage, an all new 3D flight simulator that will take you through the majestic world of Pandora on the back of a banshee.


Photos have surfaced of this ride vehicle, and though they are blurry, it definitely looks like the ride vehicle will have you on the back of an actual Banshee, or at least a ride vehicle that looks like one. Honestly though, that doesn’t seem quite plausible. Our guess is that you’re going to have your “Avatar” fly an actual Banshee, while you are on a specially designed new vehicle. Call it a hunch, but getting on the back of a Banshee just doesn’t seem feasible for a family attraction. I hope we’re wrong, but I get the feeling that it’s more Soarin or Back to the Future in style.

Next, we will take a look at the Na’vi River Journey, where we will float down the river, through a bio-luminescent forest.

Personally, I have the most anticipation for this new attraction. The one animatronic that we’ve seen working models of looks absolutely amazing! With any luck this will be less “It’s a Small World” and more “Pirates of the Caribbean” in nature. Hopefully we get some amazing looking animals, glowing plant life and more of the Na’Vi than what we’ve seen in the video. This could be the major attraction that everyone goes crazy for.

Finally, we get a look at the overview of the entire land. We can only hope that it is as amazing in real life as it looks in these videos.

Pandora: World of Avatar opens May 27th at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and will help round it out as a premiere nature based destination.

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