DisneySea the greatest Disney Park that you probably never heard of.


To say that Walt Disney and his company defined what modern theme parks are, would be an understatement. From a park bench Mr. Disney, or Walt as he liked to be called, thought up a park where the entire family could enjoy the experience. Rather, than just the smallest of their party.

Flash forward well a lot and now Disney empire has expanded from more than just a film and animation company to an internationally recognized giant brand. Now Disney has parks in four different countries, wowing the world with their brand of entertainment. But about fifteen years ago, a park opened that was originally set to open in California but ended up going across an entire ocean and placed near Tokyo Disneyland. That park is DisneySea and it’s a park that is worth the trip out to Japan just to see. It’s also one of two parks not fully own by Walt Disney Company, the other one being Tokyo Disneyland. The parks most striking feature, other than the striking Victorian features would be the giant mysterious mountain Mt. Prometheus.

Other than being absolutely photogenic in every environment in also contains a ride that would fill a Magic Kingdom or Disneyland’s fan with joy. A modern take on the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride. Although this one cheats an effect in a major way which I’ll let you figure out for yourself, it is unique that at points the ride allows you to explore its secrets. By allowing you to have a flash light to illuminate the unknown world, under the sea.

Also inside of the mountain’s crater you can dig around inside “The Joruney to the Center of the Earth” which has you as one of captain Nemo’s team, not to be confused with the fish, exploring the world under the crater. The theming for this ride is incredible.


There is also a “Twilight Zone” free Tower of Terror, which might be a slight look into the near future of California Adventure’s current update with the Guardians of the Galaxy refurb. The story is that you are walking into an avid collectors home, A COLLECTOR, whom has one piece that is actually inhabited by an evil spirit. And then for some reason you get in an elevator and it drops. If you didn’t expect that last part, well surprise.

The preshow is pretty cool and includes an awesome magic trick that I’m not sure how it is done.

If you an Indiana Jones fan and have always wanted to hear what the good doctor sounds like in Japanese DON’T WORRY! They got you covered here. One of the few semi-clones of an existing ride is Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull. This ride was made before the movie, so perhaps it exists in a different universe than the film. PLEASE SOMEONE CONFIRM THIS FOR ME.

But at its heart this park is a chill out park, a park made to relax and enjoy the experience. On a busy day yes this park will be packed just like any other major theme park, but this park was designed for an older audience. The rides are pretty tame as far as extreme roller coasters and thrill rides go and they even have the next generation of it’s a small world.

Watch out that song will get stuck in your head. This park is made for passive and extremely active guests. It’s almost like they combined the chill feelings of EPCOT with that of Disneyland or Magic Kingdom. But seriously what I said about this park is the tip of the iceberg. The videos that you’ve seen already are just parts of a massive video detailing the parks’ excellence. I dare say that you may enjoy that if you clicked on this article.

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