First poster for ultra gory Castlevania hits from Netflix



A few weeks ago, Netflix announced that they would be launching an ultra gory, blood soaked Castlevania animated series. It was signed for at least two seasons, with the possibility of more. Now, we get a first look at the poster for the upcoming series. The story has been promised to be a faithful adaptation of the game, and is being described as very dark, satirical and something that will “flip the vampire genre on its head”.

The first season will air sometime this year, with the second season sometime in 2018. The original game was massive hit on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and spawned several sequels. It followed Vampire Hunter, Simon Belmont in his quest to destroy Dracula.

Talks of a Castlevania movie have been in the works for years, but hopefully this new show will at least quench some of the thirst for that.


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