Fun Spot Introduces Mine Blower-New Wooden Coaster for 2017



Fun Spot America in Kissimmee made a big play this Super Bowl Sunday. On local Orlando stations, the small park made the name announcement of their new wooden coaster. This summer, guests coming to Fun Spot will be able to ride Mine Blower, the first wooden coaster with an inversion in Florida. The new coaster is currently under construction, and will be ready for riders later this year.

The new coaster is 82 feet tall, and will have a top speed of 48.5 miles per hour, which doesn’t sound like it’s going to be breaking records. However, what it lacks in speed and height, it will more than make up for with that barrel roll, something that hasn’t been done on a coaster in Florida. It will also be the third wooden coaster in Florida that is under operation. Coastersaurus at Legoland Florida, and White Lightning at Fun Spot Orlando are the only other two wooden coasters in the state that are operational.


Still, Mine Blower? You have to wonder if there’s something more to that name. The coaster is being built by Gravity Group, and will be ready to ride this summer.

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