Invadr preparing to raid Busch Gardens Williamsburg as we go behind the scenes of the new coaster!



A family of three outside of the building, watching as what was once chaos now becomes a well oiled machine. The ground is still dirt, and the sounds of preparation are all around, and the roar of a giant beast on a rampage can be heard in the immediate distance. It’s a good day to be a viking, a good day to be an Invadr.

No, it’s not some cheesy Viking movie, Wednesday we had the chance to check out the progress on the all new Invadr at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, the Virginia park’s eighth coaster and first ever wood coaster. Our first glimpse comes in the form of three mannequins all decked out in Invadr gear. From typical viking helmets, to woven hats and beards and even a look at the cool new shirts, which will feature the logo chosen by fans.

Want to get up close and personal with Invadr? We take a tour with Great Coaster International’s Adam House to find out more about the ride and exactly what we can expect from the new wooden classic at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


Watch-Go on a tour of Invadr at Bush Gardens Williamsburg!



While construction is still going on, and everything has a new feel to it, the one thing that the park is working hard on is that everything will look really old. Busch Gardens wants the coaster to feel like it belongs in the New France section of the park, an area that is rustic, and full of really old trees and cabins. That’s pretty important to the story, as Invadr will tell the story about how a Viking raid party is ransacking the village of New France.


The coaster will feel like a raiding party has hit the town, as business as usual continues. The coaster will extend over the Log Flume, and train tracks, and will wind up back in the woods, as it dips below the tree line on it’s journey.



 Invadr will pack a punch as it comes out of the tunnel on the lift hill, and dive immediately underground on the 74 foot drop. The Coaster will teach a top speed of about 48mph, as it winds through multiple twists and turns.





While the Coaster is completely new, it is utilizing some pieces and parts from the old Gwazi Coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa. Trains have been rebuilt, and many of coasters lesser pieces such as transfer tracks and steel have been reused. It’s a great way to recycle, and also a great way to pay tribute to the retired wooden coaster. 

Another first for Busch Gardens Williamsburg is that the team in house rebuilt and refreshed the Coaster trains from Gwazi. Normally the Great Coasters International team would build the trains, but Busch Gardens had the know how and ability to do it themselves. It gives the park an advantage of already know the machine, which could make it easier for maintenance and repairs. Also, the trains will seat eight people instead of the usual 12. This not only makes the train shorter, but also more maneuverable in the tighter turns.  Many fans have been wondering why a wooden coaster would use steel supports, something that is very prominent on Invadr. Great Coasters has found that by adding the steel supports with the traditional wood track, they can reduce the bone rattling shake of traditional wooden coasters. It allows for a traditional wooden coaster experience, without having the rough experience. It also makes for easier maintenance and upkeep. It’s something that GCI has done one many coasters in the past with great success.


 The station will be reminiscent of an old fort. Guests will wind up the ramp, and venture into the station to board the ride. The wing will be added to the station next month, and will stretch all the way up the lift hill, as a giant fort wall will be constructed right up the lift hill. It will complete the lived and old feeling of the ride.

The coaster will have a height requirement of just 46 inches, which makes it perfect for families. While the entire family can enjoy Invadr, it’s not a kiddie Coaster by any means. It’s going to have nine air time hills, which means you’ll spend a lot of time out of your seat. It will also feature a lot of very tight turns and some really fun elements. 

Invadr is slated to open in April, but an exact date will be coming in the next few weeks. The park will open for the 2017 season on March 18th for passholder preview, March 25th for the regular season.


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