Lego Dimensions gives sneak peek at new Harry Potter Figures!



Lego Dimensions is an amazingly fun game experience that gives fans of many different movies, TV Shows and more the chance to build worlds, and play as their favorite characters. It takes all the fun of Lego video games, mixes it with the figures of a Disney Infinity type set, and the hands on building of Lego Bricks and wraps it all into one cool package. Of course, you probably knew that already…however, we didn’t! Last weekend we had the chance to check out Lego Dimensions for the first time at Universal Orlando’s Celebration of Harry Potter, and even more, we had the chance to play as the new Hermione Granger character, which is coming later this year to Lego Dimension.


Watch-Erik Geeks Out with Lego Dimensions


I guess this is more of a first impression of Lego Dimensions than anything. The game is fun, simply put. It is very similar to Disney Infinity and other games where you use figures to unlock characters in the game and special powers. However, this game is fun…unlike Disney Infinity. And unlike other games, you only have to buy one version of the game, and keep getting the figures and playsets. That’s a big bonus for me, personally. I loved the collectibility of Disney Infinity, but the fact that every year you had to buy a new game was really a big turn off. Add into the fact that you couldn’t use older figure with new games, and vice versa, and it became a frustration. That’s what’s so fun about Dimensions…you can play everyone in every single scenario. You want to play as Harry, Ron and Hermione? You got it. You want to form an unholy alliance with Voldemort? Sure. You want to have Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future talk about the finer points of time travel with Hermione Granger? Not a problem!




Speaking of Hermione, she joins the line up in March. The Harry Potter Expo at Universal Orlando was the only place that you could get a glimpse of her early. We were told that people who don’t play the game were lining up to just collect her. That’s the cool thing about Dimensions is that you don’t have to play the game, you can just collect the figures.


Look for Hermione coming to Lego Dimensions very soon!

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We will be bringing you tons more from A Celebration of Harry Potter, so stay tuned!

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