MagicKeepers gives new twist to Walt Disney World’s MagicBands



MagicBand 2 has hit Walt Disney World, and it’s promised to bring a new twist to your same old MagicBand. The first accessories for MagicBand 2 are out, and we happen to get our hands on it, and show you how to dismantle the MagicBand and install the Icon into the MagicKeeper accessory.


Watch-We demonstrate Disney’s MagicKeeper

After watching the video, you can see that it’s a little difficult to get the MagicKeeper just right. It’s a great gimmick, and will allow you to add a few more options for wearing your MagicBand, but it’s just a tad hard to get the icon back in place. The accessories come with a small screwdriver, and screws for your MagicBand, but the plastic tabs that keep everything locked in place are just hard to get back in. The screws are also very tiny, and they are not magnetized, which makes keeping track of them hard and finding them if you lose them even harder.


While the idea is definitely cool, and it makes fora cool accessory, it doesn’t really seem worth the hassle, at least to us. The accessories aren’t super expensive, starting at about $12 dollars. It is a great gift idea, especially if you’re not going to use your MagicBand very much after your Disney trip. In that respect, it’s a great way to turn your Walt Disney World ticket into a souvenir, and relatively cheaply as well. However, for someone that uses it a lot, it doesn’t seem very practical. Right now, MagicBand 2 accessories come in Mickey and Minnie clips, as well as a plain black clip. More are sure to roll out in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

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