Pandora: World of Avatar Officially Opening on May 27th!



It’s just been announced, and we can’t wait! Disney will be bringing guests to another planet, beginning on May 27th…of this year! The all new Pandora: World of Avatar will officially open on the 27th, and will be inviting guests to take a ride on a Banshee during Avatar Flight of Passage, as they tour the world of Pandora. The technology said to be at play in this new attraction will have guests literally jump on the back of a Banshee from the film!

The next attraction, will have guests on a magical boat ride to come face to face with a Na’vi Shaman. Na’vi River Journey will send guests through a bioluminescent rainforest, and see unbelievable plant and wildlife.

This is in addition to all new restaurants, floating mountains, and a bio-luminescent landscape that you just can’t believe.


Disney has also launched an all new website Visit Pandora that takes you to the Alpha Centauri Expeditions.  


This is going to turn out to be one amazing summer! Pandora will start receiving guests on May 27th at Animal Kingdom!



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