Stephen Kings’ fictional “Castle Rock” getting a TV series of it’s own



Have you ever been to Castle Rock, Maine? It’s a very famous place…well maybe famous isn’t the word. It’s home to killer St. Bernards, it’s the place where that guy shot at that political up and comer…you remember the one. He used a kid as a shield to block the bullets? It’s also the place where that little store opened that gave you whatever your heart desired. Some say it’s a cursed place, surrounded by ancient and angry burial grounds of the MicMac Indians. Personally, I never believed in all of that. I think it’s a good ole American place where bad things just tend to happen. Not as bad as the things that happen up in Derry Maine, but that’s another story.

And it’s with that that Stephen King and J.J. Abrams bring us a new television show based on the fictional town of Castle Rock.


The teaser trailer above doesn’t give us much to work on, but it definitely brings together some of the characters and events that have been brought to life by the town. There’s no word on a release date, but this will be a HULU Original. That probably means that we’ll be able to stream all shows at once.
What do you think will be in store when we visit Castle Rock?

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