Strange sights from around the world: The Haunted House at Nagashima Spaland




So your in a theme park and someone comes up to you and says, ”Psst, want to see something crazy.” As the person raises his eyebrows excitedly. First of all, whomever that person is stay away from them, they probably want to do you harm. But seriously, do you want to see something crazy? If you head out to Nagashima Spaland, which I know what your thinking, that’s not even in the same country that I’m reading this article in, you’ll find some amazing sites. They have the incredible roller coaster, “Steel Dragon 2000” which is still currently the longest roller coaster in the world and has a HECK of a first drop.

The park itself is kind of a hodgepodge of classic rides and attractions that might fit well together in a county fair, other than it’s world class roller coasters. On first glance you might even say, “Hey did they make this park in Roller coaster Tycoon?” It also has an Onsen that is pretty renowned too. If you enjoy public baths, you can’t go wrong with this place. It’s literally next to a waterfall. But that aside one of the most amazing things there isn’t a super fast roller coaster or a cutting edge attraction. It’s a walk through attraction, one that looks like it needs a bit of TLC but perhaps that look makes the experience a little more creepy.



It’s a walk through haunted house that will literally blow you away. I’ve only been in Japan for a little over a year at this point but I think to totally explain everything in this haunted house you’d have to take a master’s course in Japanese folklore and superstition. But this doesn’t detract from the fact that this haunted house is absolutely crazy.


It also features no live actors the whole thing is all animatronic. I suppose robots don’t get breaks. Every fifteen minutes the facade of the house comes to life and there’s a bizarre show to attract people into the haunted house. Even with this eye catching display, it might be a bit too scary to venture in by yourself. But don’t worry I made the trip inside so you don’t have too!

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