Unleash your inner barbarian in Dragonquest THE REAL at Universal Studios Japan


Whoa howdy, talk about reinventing itself every three months another limited time attraction is being added to Universal Studios Japan. Dragonquest THE REAL. They sure love adding “THE REAL” to everything that is a movie or a game there don’t they? But this harkens back to when Universal had a deal with Capcom and they had you wandering the streets of Raccoon City literally gunning down zombies in “Biohazard: The Real” but swap out the bloody monsters for cute video game character enemies and replace the gun with swords and magic casting abilities and you have Dragonquest: The Real. Wait…SWORD?

If you aren’t familiar with Dragonquest its a turn based RPG video game where you go on a quest. Each game has its own story, but it’s been around for over thirty years. Even if you don’t know the game you are probably have seen this guy, a slime.

A non-threatening cute mascot for the game. It seems that you/your team will quest through a dungeon trying to overcome monsters and trying to reach a goal. Which I hope would be a dragon, A DRAGONQUEST! The attraction like most things at Universal Studios Japan will be limited. Only going from March 19th to September 9th. If you happen to be out there and you want to see this. GET THERE EARLY, they have free tickets for the attraction but they will disappear quickly.

The commercial for it looks amazing.

I go into a little more detail about the attraction in this video as well if your interested in learning more visually.


The Biohazard attraction was awesome, so I’m excited to see what they do with Dragonquest. I’m sure the experience will be amazing! We’ll just have to wait a month until we find out exactly what the experience entails!

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