ABC gives sneak peaks at Pandora all day!


Today, ABC is giving their shows a first look at Pandora: World of Avatar. Good Morning America, The View, The Chew and Nightline will all have special looks inside the new land, each looking at something different.
Good Morning America had a very detailed look inside the land, as well as a ride on Flughtbof Passage.

The most interesting thing is that not only do we get a look at the amazing bioluminescent plants and food, but also at the ride vehicles for Flight of Passage.

If you look closely, you can see what looks like regular seats. That goes against what we’ve been hearing about riding on actual Banshees. Also, we can get an idea that we will be scanned before we get on the ride, and our Avatar will be the one riding the Banshee.

Still, we can’t wait to jump into Pandora ourselves.
Stay tuned as we update throughout the day with more inside looks at Avatar: World of Pandora.

Whoopi Goldberg wales through the area with James Cameron himself. With a very in depth look at the land.

Several things to notice here about the land, and what Cameron actually says about the timing of things. Pandora at Disney exists in the timeline of the movies, but after all the conflicts with humans have been settled. So, that’s after the story of the first film, and the four sequels coming.

Cameron and Whoopi come out of what looks like a cave. Is this the entrance to Pandora? If so, it looks like Disney is really trying to immerse guests into Pandora.

Another great look from the land is of the plants. Pandora takes real world plants, and mixes them with sculpted Pandora plants. The plants look organic, as do the lights of the bioluminescent forest. It’s actually quite surprising on how realistic it looks. Of course, that’s all on film. Will it hold up in person?

One more interesting tidbit is that the bioluminescent forest has been in the works since James Cameron was 17. He saw it in a dream, and sketched it out.

Pandora was created on a computer, so this is the first time that even the filmmakers are setting foot in the world of Avatar. The cast and production team will be doing research and visiting the park as the sequels begin filming.

ABC’s Nightline has showcased Pandora as well, and it’s probably the most in depth look at the land that we’ve gotten. There are very detailed looks at the food, including the glowing drinks, and blue cheesecake. There is also a very distinctive look at the what looks to be the Flight of Passage queue, and ride vehicles.


Flight of Passage looks to have a very earthy look and feel to it. There’s definitely a very organic look to it, as if it’s been carved out of the moon of Pandora itself.

We also get a very clear look at the ride vehicles for Flight of Passage. When Disney CEO Bob Iger said that we would be on the backs of Banshees, many people took him to mean it literally. There was a leaked picture of what appeared to be an Imagineer on the back of a ride vehicle that was shaped like a Banshee. Now we can clearly see that the ride vehicles look more like traditional theme park ride vehicles, and not as organic or as unique as many fans had hoped. The ride system does also look like it captures your movements for an Avatar to be used on the ride.

Check out the whole Nightline clip for yourself to see more with Cameron and the creators of Avatar.

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